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My name is Greg Ferrer. I am from San Bernardino, California. Like most teens I just wanted to be fast, strong and pretty toned. I started my first body building show at Venice Beach, California. That my friends is where it all started. I have been a certified personal training since 2007. I am now a national qualifier in men’s physique and one day hope to get my pro card. I am currently certified in ISSA, ACE, and NASM. With my knowledge in nutrition I have been able to change many lives living and eating a healthier lifestyles. I was a prior Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC. I went on two combat deployments to Afghanistan. After I got out in 2012 I wanted to pursue my dreams of competing again but helping more people get to their goals which is an even bigger passion of mine. I have worked with clients with injuries, illnesses, and much more. I want to help you the best way I can and get you to your fitness goals.

Ferrerz Fitness Program
10 week workout and diet program $150
My program is to help either get over your plateau or get you to any goal your trying to achieve physically.
It is a spoon fed program. For anyone interested in stepping on stage I can help with posing and knowledge
on what you exactly need to do in order to get ready for a show.


Ladies….I’m here to tell you from first hand experience…you can do all the ab work you want and of course that will strengthen your core but if it’s a flat stomach you want…that starts in the kitchen!! It’s not hard or complicated! Ask Greg Ferrer for more info and he’ll get you results!!!!

Celeste Hare

Another day of healthy eating that my wife made. Staying on that FerrerzFitness program from my bro in law Greg Ferrer. Check him out if you need help with a workout and/or meal plan.

Manny P.

Everyone of any type of fitness needs goals and you need an inspirational,motivator. One who is dedicated and knows what he is doing to get you to where you want and need to be To Stay motivated stay dedicated and stay positive Greg Ferrer is your trainer you won’t regret it look him up!!!

Aaron Ozuna

3 weeks down, 6 to go….of course the journey will never end but the 9 week program Greg Ferrer wrote up for me is well on its way! New meal plan and routines for the next 3 weeks! I’ve never felt healthier and stronger! Blood pressure is down, fat percentage decrease and muscle increase! I

Celeste Hare

Greg is always on top of his game and brings tons of motivation to you through social media and spending the time to talk to you about your progress and needs.

Kenneth Fritts


Greg Ferrer
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Nick Adams
Celeste Hare
Jasmine Huffman
Brandon Dumas
Ken Scott


If you are ready to finally achieve your goals,
get in touch with me.

I have several clients that are not local to me that have received the Ferrerz Fitness Program and gotten the results they have always desired.

Greg Ferrer

+1 (909) 771-6078

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